The Free Range Feeder

Developed to satisfy the needs of the poultry / chicken hobbyist and the homesteader. The convertible design allows for four different mounting methods.

Heavy Duty

Made in the USA from 18 gauge galvanized steel and assembled with stainless steel screws and rivets. A feeder built to last.

Larger than necessary

No more storing partial bags of feed. Our two models hold 75 lbs (CF-0314) or 175 lbs (CF-0224) based on your farm’s needs. 

Space Efficient

When mounting between studs, the feeder utilizes the space in your wall for storage, reducing the floor space taken up inside the coop.

Installation Videos

Versatile mounting means the Free Range Feeder can be mounted on a flat wall or in between studs in your coop. With the reversible feed tray, you have 4 different ways to mount it to maximally benefit your operation.

Free Your Chickens Today!

  • Displays the outdoor configuration of the Free Range Feeder

    75 Pound Capacity Chicken Feeder


75 Pound Capacity Chicken Feeder


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