Feeding made better


Stop storing partial bags of feed in the garage. Our first product to be put on the market is designed to save time and effort.  And, of course, it’s built in the USA right here on our little farm.

“What I love about agriculture is the ability to express my creativity in solving the unique problems that occur on the farm.”

-Park Wiker, Founder

About Our founder

Park Wiker grew up on a small farm in southern Lancaster County where he worked summers for neighboring farmers. This instilled a love of the earth and agriculture that would stay with him for life.

After serving in the military and college, he embarked on a career in information technology and two successful businesses. He continues to work as Director of Technology for an international firm.

He was able to secure a small farm where he could express his creativity through a wide variety of projects. He even replaced a barn on the property with a wooden peg, mortise and tenon structure built from 53 trees that he and his son harvested. The farm became an inspiration and a canvas for his type of

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